Saturday, May 22, 2010

The "M" word

To whomever is reading this, I have not forgotten about this blog, but rather have not had Internet service due to the "M" word. I think it is a thing that should be outlawed, forbidden or something. This "something" is moving! The older I get the more crap I seem to own and the more exhausted I am for doing it. I am a very organized person. I do not work well in chaos. My life works for me when there is order. Right now my life is in a box. That is the phrase of the week. "Where is (insert your own words)..." My generic response is "In a box". God knows where or when I will find it but I seem to keep finding things that I don't want and should have dumped years ago. The things I need (insert your own words) I haven't got a clue where they are and right now I am too pooped to make a real effort to find them. So I change my underwear and trudge on. I have marks on my arms that may make my new neighbors think that I am a spousal abuse victim, but after seeing my husband and his bruises makes me laugh. What they must think of me!

Each day starts a half hour earlier, as I am not a morning person I must tell you- really SUCKS! but for 3 days last week I got to carpool with my husband. That was rather cool. Each night we pick a couple of things that are on the "must do" list and get them done, right before we fall into bed exhausted. Remember morning comes a half hour earlier. UGH...

I just today got Internet service, but no mailbox key to get the mail. I need to re update my info to show my new address and city. The thought of that makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide! LOL You forget who all has your address until you have to resubmit it all again. I know it will all come in time but there is another aspect of my personality I forgot to mention, I have no patience! I want it all done yesterday...

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