Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here we go again!

I thought I wanted my ramblings and my dreams to be included in one blog. I have found out that that isn't what I really want. Originally my first blog White Tiger Diva was very exciting. Full of daily rants and odds and ends here and there. Then I had an "aha" moment where I wanted to post my work on the web for all to see. That's when things started to get jumbled.

So time has passed and I have decided to let White Tiger Diva showcase my beaded artwork and the Music Box to showcase - well me! I will post photos of my work both beaded and miscellaneous but also to let this place be where I can release the tunes that rattle around my head. So kids here we go again. I will be posting more than I have in the past and I hopefully will find better mental health for it, but don't count on it! After all, I am well still ME!

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