Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another year older...

Well, yesterday was my 47 th birthday. I used to look forward to my "special day" with such enthusiasm. I worked at jobs where I was able to take the day off "just for me day" I love birthdays because it is the one day of the year that is exclusively your holiday. I know you share it with a bunch of other people but it is "your day" I tell people that I really am a 4th of July baby (cuz its my favorite holiday!) but that I was too lazy to come out for another 3 weeks!

Last year I started a job 10 days before and I didn't want to ask for time off. It was the only time in my life where I worked my birthday. I waited until the end of the day and turned to the woman who sat behind me and said " Today is my birthday" for which she loudly exclaimed "What! you worked all day and didn't say a word to anyone that it was your birthday" I sheepishly smiled and went home. Couldn't tell you what I did, it was so memorable.

This year I decided to take another day off next week so that I can go to the Ventura County Fair and be white trash or as I like to be referred to as a dirt track date! I headed off to work to find my desk decorated with purple and hot pink streamers. Another person who decorates made sure to get my date on her calendar and I think she has been waiting for her opportunity to make up for last years empty desk! It seemed like every time I walked away something else showed up on my desk. First, it was flowers , then a present, then a card, cupcakes, more cards it was awesome and a bit overwhelming. I didn't think that people liked me much, since I hardly talked to anyone the first 6 months I worked there. I went to lunch with my walking buddies and again, a present then another present. I honestly was dumbstruck by the generosity of these people. I often think of myself as a pain in the ass, but they must know something that I don't because they showed me such affection. I really don't like when people fake it, ya know, like they are doing it more for them than showing you how much you are honored and how much you mean to them. Those kind of people I feel sad for because they really shouldn't bother if they don't mean it. Why waste the energy? For both of us, ya know? This was not that type of group.

After a bunch of hugs and well wishes I headed for home. Dinner with my hubby and the dog, then a chance to sit at the beach was my plan. The beach was really cold so we headed home. I wanted to round up everyone for a night of Karaoke, but canceled as it wasn't working out the way I had envisioned. I heard my phone ring and then ring again. On my phone was one of the Karaokers who was at the Golden China ready to party. My husband brings his phone to which my friend has sung Happy Birthday and was demanding I show up. I was ready to crawl into bed and call it a night, satisfied that my day was awesome.

We went to Karaoke. My other friends the musicians have been in Tacoma on tour and were headed home and they had texted me asking for my address to mail something to me. Lo and behold THEY SHOWED UP! I almost wet myself with shock when they walked in. They drove 16 hours to get there just for me. I still cant believe it. Really? For me? Yep. If I didn't go sing, they were coming to my house! God I have some unbelievable friends. I will be able to tell you what I did for this birthday because it was one amazing ride, with a cast of characters that would blow your mind.

The most unbelievable part- They all did it for me. Wow, what a life...

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