Saturday, July 17, 2010

Following the Trail.....

I know, I know, I have been absent for awhile. I will try to do better. Time keeps slipping through the hourglass much more quickly than I realize.

Whats new? Well the fountain out front is up and the screens have finally been repaired. Yes, the dog still stays on a rope tied to the tree in the back. Still don't trust him not to destroy the repair work. I have not gotten around to tackling the garage. I guess I really don't want to know about all the crap I moved and should not have! LOL. So most of our stuff is still in the garage in a box. We will need to work on that too I guess.

My biggest issue that has been and continues is the ants. Living near open fields all kinds of critters seem to show up, but the ones I am fuming over is the black stream of flowing ants. I really, really hate ants. I feel all itchy and they freak me out. When they are on the outside, not so bad but inside that is a different story. I have spent a fortune on ant traps (which they proceed to run over and under and around) ant spray and dicroic acid. That seems to work the best but not the most pet friendly. I was so desperate I was keeping Windex around to spray the bastards! Again not very pet friendly. The cat and dog food has to be in closed containers because they get over run by the sea of black. The birds room has been an issue because I cant do much there, they need to eat. I wish I knew where they were coming from to try to stop them. I no sooner get one trail gone then 3-4 days later another one shows up. A constant and frustrating battle to say the least. If I would have my way, I would call Vexcon and the coolest exterminator I know of....

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